Meet Jennifer

I BELIEVE... • You should beat your kids at board games so they know what it feels like to lose, and still survive.

• Date nights with your spouse should be a regular occurrence because one day the kids will be grown and gone we should never forget who we are together.

• In experiencing cross country road trips to see the Chicago skyline or visit Graceland because life should always be an adventure.

• Watching my kids play sports all day Saturday is a day well spent.

• Lying in bed in the morning for an extra hour after I wake up with my kids because the morning turns into lots of laughs and snuggles.

• I believe that birthdays don’t need to be extravagant as long as they are celebrated.


• The Chick-fil-A employees know me by my name because I eat there so often.

• I take my time coming home in the evenings so I don’t have to help my husband put the kids to bed.

• I hate clothes shopping so I will borrow clothes from my niece because she has good style and I know she will forget that I borrowed them.

• Sometimes I tell my kids that I will come read them a book if they lay in bed for 10 minutes…..when I go in, they are always already asleep.

• Sometimes I have to walk into the other room when someone gets hurt so they don’t see me laughing.

• I enjoy homemade chocolate cake with buttercream frosting as a meal more often than I should probably admit.